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 The Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculums are composed of three separate Gongfu systems combined together:
  • Northern Shaolin Gongfu (from the Songshan Buddhist Temple)
  • Yang Style Taijiquan
  • Northern Praying Mantis (both Taiji Tanglang "Tai Chi Praying Mantis" & Qixie Tanglang "7 Star Praying Mantis")

This curriculum is interwoven with the other Gongfu systems that also have Advanced Programs.

All Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth curriculums are 4-month semesters. The seminar curriculums and after school programs are derived from these 4-month semesters.

The SHAOLIN  GONGFU  INTERMEDIATE curriculum of Shaolin Chi Mantis is 4-semesters.

For a look at how all 3 curriculums combine to form Shaolin Chi Mantis see the SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS 7-YEAR POSTER.


This SHAOLIN GONGFU  INTERMEDIATE curriculum of Shaolin Chi Mantis is 4-semesters.

AFTER completing the Shaolin Chi Mantis SEMESTER #8, the student receives a Green Sash. This sash is presented at the Graduation Ceremony held after the completion of each semester.

 Semester #2:



TAIJIQUAN:  SCM Taijiquan Short Form with staff
EXERCISES: Stump Training

Shaolin 6

SCM Taiji Short Form: 3 Applications per each section of Form

Self-healing techniques

BOOKWORK: Shaolin Gongfu Intermediate book by Zhen Shen-Lang
ESSAYS: "Health = Balanced Qi / Body / Mind"
PUSH HANDS: Push Hands Level 3
QIN NA: 16 Taiji Qin Na techniques
WEAPONS: Staff: Fire & Water 2-Man Form

Perform Shaolin 6

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR: Lead class: entire Semester #1

Shaolin Chi Mantis™ logo by Zhen Shen-Lang 1993 Homepage of Shaolin Chi Mantis™
SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS Traditional Buddhist Gongfu

Our student motto:
Truth, wisdom, and courage.™

Our school slogan:
The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™




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