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 The Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculums are composed of three separate Gongfu systems combined together:
  • Northern Shaolin Gongfu (from the Songshan Buddhist Temple)
  • Yang Style Taijiquan
  • Northern Praying Mantis (both Taiji Tanglang "Tai Chi Praying Mantis" & Qixie Tanglang "7 Star Praying Mantis")

This curriculum is interwoven with the other Gongfu systems that also have Advanced Programs.

All Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth curriculums are 4-month semesters. The seminar curriculums and after school programs are derived from these 4-month semesters.

This Shaolin Gongfu Initiate curriculum of Shaolin Chi Mantis is a one semester course or can be put together from what the student learns from the first couple Tai Chi Youth semesters.

Any Tai Chi Youth student can request a Belt Test Approval sheet for Shaolin Chi Mantis and begin to be passed off on these requirements. However, Shaolin Chi Mantis requires more than just passing some tests and answering some questions. Shaolin Chi Mantis is a DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM. Since you are already a member of Tai Chi Youth, you are learning much of the Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculum already. Your desire to learn some weapons not taught in Tai Chi Youth does warrant being allowed into this traditional Chinese Gongfu system. Your money also does not warrant your being welcomed into our martial arts family. A display of fortitude and physical power does not guarantee your being allowed into Shaolin Chi Mantis.

ONLY if we believe in your COMMITMENT to Shaolin Chi Mantis and your commitment to our Founder, Zhen Shen-Lang, and your commitment to the current Patriarch and Instructors of Shaolin Chi Mantis will we have any reason to consider your request to join our school.

This may sound strange, that we discourage new students to Shaolin Chi Mantis, however, as Buddha Zhen taught thousands of students from 1984 to 1996, he realized that only one student out of 100 students would ever graduate even the Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program.

Since Buddha Zhen was teaching Gongfu and Taijiquan as a "way of life," he realized he needed to provide a curriculum that more people could attain and that would not be so overwhelming and demanding. Thus, Tai Chi Youth was created as a Gongfu system for everyone and for all ages.

By creating an easier Gongfu system (Tai Chi Youth), Shaolin Chi Mantis could be more traditional, more demanding, and less compromising. This Initiate Program was developed by Buddha Zhen as a way for you to demonstrate to us that you are worthy to join our Gongfu family, and also a way of making certain that each Initiate of Shaolin Chi Mantis knows what is expected of him/her.



AFTER completing the Shaolin Chi Mantis Initiate Program the student must do much more than pass the Initiate Belt Test. In the traditions of Buddhism and Shaolin Gongfu, the student makes certain pledges and promises, has his/her head shaved (you are allowed to grow it back), performs traditional ceremonial obligations, and must be formally accepted during this ceremony by the presiding Shifu. If any of this seems too demanding you are definitely not ready for the demands of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

Shaolin Chi Mantis wants you to SUCCEED in life in all things that you do. We do not want to see you "fail" by starting a journey that is unsuitable for you. As a member of Tai Chi Youth you will still be experiencing much of Shaolin Chi Mantis. Be successful as a student of Tai Chi Youth. The Tai Chi Youth curriculums provide all the self-defense, body building, and traditional style Gongfu that any person "needs."

Do well in Tai Chi Youth. If you are right for Shaolin Chi Mantis we will certainly notice and invite you to join our Discipleship.


This Shaolin Gongfu Beginner curriculum of Shaolin Chi Mantis is 3-semesters.

AFTER completing the Shaolin Chi Mantis SEMESTER #4, the student receives a Blue Sash. This sash is presented at the Graduation Ceremony held after the completion of each semester.

 Semester #2:



TAIJIQUAN:  Entire Yang Style Taijiquan Short Form of SCM
EXERCISES: SCM Yoga Stretching Routine
SCM Standing Stretch Routine
Basic Kicks and Punches of SCM
Cat Walks

Square Walk
Stance Walk
Rock Horse


4 Winds of Shaolin
8 Brocade (Silk Weaver's 8 Brocade)
Temple Exercises of Shaolin Chi Mantis

BOOKWORK: Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual by Zhen Shen-Lang
ESSAYS: Letter of Commitment to SCM
Letter of Recommendation from current SCM student

Perform one of the 3 Shaolin Beginner Forms:

  • Luohan 1
  • Lian Bu
  • Small Circular Fist
ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR: Want to be an Assistant Instructor

Shaolin Chi Mantis™ logo by Zhen Shen-Lang 1993 Homepage of Shaolin Chi Mantis™
SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS Traditional Buddhist Gongfu

Our student motto:
Truth, wisdom, and courage.™

Our school slogan:
The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™



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