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Abbot's Office
4 Noble Truths of Buddha #1
Buddhist Crossroads of SCM
What is a Buddhist Sangha?
Buddhist Sangha of SCM
About Shaolin Zen Bodhidharma
BZ at Buddhism Conference
Current Sangha of SCM
7-Year Curriculum of SCM
Buddhist Dharma of SCM
Dharma Trails of SCM
3 Types of Disciple
Being A Disciple
Music of Shaolin Chi Mantis
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Abbot Songshan Shaolin Temple circa 1977

Essay by Zhen Shen Lang 4 Noble Truths of Shakyamuni Buddha

Essay by Zhen Shen Lang What is a Sangha?

Essay by Zhen Shen-Lang Why don't Buddhists use Churches or Temples for worship?

We started in 1984. History of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Sangha.

Where are we now? Current Sangha of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

Our Sangha = Shaolin Zen. The future of our Sangha = Shaolin Zen.

Shaolin Zen is Chan Buddhism. About Shaolin Zen.

Buddha Zhen photo in San Diego Union/Tribune Newspaper article Buddhism Conference.

A Sangha is a place where people teach each other how to be happy.

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