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Belt Test Approvals

Scheduling Belt Test Approvals

Tests Requiring Judges and Scores

Belt Test Procedures

Students Who Do Not Pass

Testing Rules for Shaolin Chi Mantis Belt Tests


If a student is absent or does not pass a MIDTERM TEST or FINAL EXAM, a RETEST may be scheduled within the next seven days for no additional charge if there are available Belt Test time slots available.

If there are no Belt Test time slots available, a RETEST may be scheduled for some other time within the next 30 days at no charge.

If the student requires this Belt Test passing to participate in an advanced class the student may pay a $50 Consultation Fee to be used as a Belt Test . This time and place is subject to the Instructor's availability and at the Instructor's discretion. This fee must be prepaid before scheduling, and is nonrefundable.

If the next semester's first class is before this Retest, the Instructor must decide whether or not the student can attend this class.


If a student does not pass a Belt Test Requirement, the Instructor writes "NP" (Not Passed) in the space after "Test Results," still leaving enough room on the space to write the date and initials of a later passable examination test.

Any student with a "NP" must wait until the next class to reschedule Instructor Approval.

If a student does not pass a Belt Test Requirement on the 2nd examination, the Instructor writes an additional "NP" in the space. This student must now wait until the next semester to receive an Instructor Approval.


Approvals, (not Belt Tests), can be given by Assistant Instructors.

Fill in your name on the Test Registration Form in the Assistant Instructor's Notebook. Read on the current Test Registration Form, what classes will be providing time for Belt Test Approvals, and what kind of Forms/Requirements will be approved. Request to test on your staff or spear Requirements DURING staff classes, etc.

Provide information about:

  • TCY Belt Rank
  • SCM Belt Rank
  • What you are ready to be tested on
  • Is this going to be your 1st or 2nd Approval for this Requirement
  • A 2nd Requirement can also be listed that you are ready to approved on
  • Is this 2nd Requirement being tested for your 1st or 2nd Approval

Have you paid your Belt Test Fee?

The LAST COLUMN on the Test Registration Form is to be filled in by the Instructor or Assistant Instructor with either a "Yes" or a "No."

The Instructor or Center Judge decides WHO will test on any class day. Signing up does not guarantee you will be given an opportunity to test.

Be persistent, and be ready to test AT ALL TIMES for your Approvals.

Some Belt Test Requirements can be approved in GROUP TESTING.

Some Belt Test Requirements must be performed SOLO.

The final BELT TEST cannot be scheduled until ALL REQUIREMENTS have been approved INCLUDING:

  • bookwork
  • essays
  • tournaments

Being tested for Belt Test Approvals and actual Belt Tests are different from tournament competition. It is not necessary for either the audience or the student being tested to know the Judges scores until the end of the Belt Test. This will both expedite testing and discourage competition between students being tested. Only if the Shifu DECIDES to utilize a Belt Test Approval as an opportunity for the students to become more practiced in tournaments techniques should scores be shown or a tournament style atmosphere exist during Belt Test Approval testing.

Belt Tests are each student being tested against their own abilities. Shaolin Chi Mantis expects each student to measure their skills based upon their capability. We always appreciate seeing the results of your time and effort spent practicing and improving your Gongfu.

It is easy to know when someone has been doing their best.

Judges do not hold up score cards or announce their scores to the audience.

Judges confer with the Center Judge who writes down all the Judges scores, in the absence of a Scorekeeper, in the columns with their names on the "TAI CHI YOUTH TESTING SCORE SHEET (for BELT TESTING)," which will we refer to as the "Testing Score Sheet."

Scoring is revealed to competitors only after all students scheduled to test, have tested and the scores have been reviewed by the Center Judge.

The Center Judge will make the appropriate comment on the student's "Belt Test Approval" sheets. "NP" = Not Passed. "Date and Initial" = Passed.

The students who have tested, stand side-by-side, facing the Judges for the final announcements of who has passed their Approvals. The Center Judge holds ONE Belt Test Approval sheet at a time as he/she announces what the student was tested on and then announces either "The student has passed this requirement with a score of ____," or "The student has NOT passed this requirement with a score of _____. An averaged score of 8.0 or higher is required to pass any requirement."

If, the student has Not Passed, the announcement should include at least one of the worst mistakes to be improved.

The "Testing Score Sheets" with Judges names is kept on file. These results may be viewed by competitors after final scoring, or at a later date, by appointment. See: TCY file: Belt Test - SCORES - year.

Belt Test Procedures

The Belt Test Fee must be paid PRIOR to scheduling any Belt Test. The Belt Test Fee can be paid before all the Approvals have been attained at any time during the semester.

All Belt Test Approvals must be attained before scheduling the final Belt Test. When the Approvals have been signed-off, and the $20-- Belt Test Fee has been paid, then the Instructor can SCHEDULE a BELT TEST. Belt Tests can require a lot of time and only some classes have been scheduled to accommodate this. Belt Test times are limited and scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Instructor will then TAKE your Approval Sheet and put it in the Assistant Instructor's Notebook in the "BELT TESTING Reservations" section. The Approval Sheet MUST remain here until the Belt Test and may not be removed by anyone.

After the actual Belt Test, the student may look at the "Testing Score Sheet" after it is placed in the Assistant Instructor's Notebook either in the " BELT TESTING Reservation" section or in the following section of the notebook where the blank "Testing Score Sheets" are kept. These forms will all be filed away as soon as possible, so only on the day of testing should the student expect to review these scores. The student's Belt Test Approval sheet will be filed in the student's file.

During the BELT TEST, the Shifu or Center Judge will decide what is to be tested from the student's current Belt Rank Level, or any previous Belt Rank Level.

The Shifu is not required to utilized any judges or score sheets for Belt Test Approvals. The Shifu may decide to have a panel of Judges composed of students who are not Black Belts, to score another student's Belt Test Approval for the benefit of training the students in Judging, and the testing student gains tournament style experience. Scores may be shown as if a tournament instead of a Belt Test Approval. To help insure better accuracy, especially if the Center Judge is not a Black Belt, a panel of 5 Judges should be used. The HIGHEST SCORE and the LOWEST SCORE should be discarded before averaging the other 3 Judge scores.

Although an Assist. Instructor can preside over Belt Test Approvals, a Tai Chi Youth or Shaolin Chi Mantis Instructor (Shifu) must preside over a final BELT TEST.


Many Tai Chi Youth and Shaolin Chi Mantis are sequential or only available to students of specific Belt Rank minimums.

Even if a student attended every single class, without the Belt Test they have not "Passed" the class.

Students may be allowed to retake the same class, the next semester this same class is offered.

Belt Tests require that all Belt Test Approvals be signed-off before any student can RESERVE a Belt Test date and time. Belt Test times are limited so do not expect that one will automatically be available when you are ready. The same with the Belt Test Approvals: class times are limited when students will be tested for these approvals.

Belt Tests display more than your latest dance steps. Belt Tests reveal who you are and what you are doing with your life. Prepare more than your latest new moves--prepare your self.

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