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Oath  of  Shaolin Chi Mantis
Traditional  Buddhist  Gongfu  School

A copy of the Oath of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu School is provided to each Initiate student before their acceptance. The student then handwrites the 'Oath' and submits this with a 'Letter Of Recommendation' from an existing Shaolin Chi Mantis student.



Preliminary Acceptance

If accepted, this is due to the quality of the Initiate's request.

The handwritten oath is returned to the student to be officially submitted at the INITIATION CEREMONY.

Sometimes a student's 'Oath' requires rewriting for various reasons.

Another preliminary acceptance will be required before the Initiation Ceremony.


Initiation Procedures

At the bottom of this 'Oath Of Shaolin Chi Mantis' is a paragraph about Gongfu School Etiquette:

  • Students of Shaolin Chi Mantis stand side by side at Shifu's right-hand side, those nearest to Shifu of seniority.
  • Tai Chi Youth students stand side by side at Shifu's left-hand side, facing the Shaolin Chi Mantis students.
  • At ALL TABLES sat at, the same applies to seating arrangement, with the highest ranking Shifu at HEAD OF TABLE, nearest to Shifu.
  • No one sits at opposite end of table from the Shifu.
  • All GUESTS sit or stand at left side end, away from Shifu.
  • The RELATIVES of Shifu--if specified by Shifu--may sit at right hand side end, beyond the Shaolin Chi Mantis students.
  • Specially HONORED GUESTS--if specified by Shifu--may sit between Shifu and Tai Chi Youth students except for the TCY Disciple or the highest ranking TCY student present who will remain between Shifu and Honored Guest.

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