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Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Code of Conduct

Each student of Shaolin Chi Mantis:

  • must uphold and cultivate the Songshan Shaolin spirit.
  • must not spar or arbitrarily engage in a fight or use his skills to intimidate others.
  • must not engage in needless arguments. Use your words as wisely and efficiently as possible.
  • must not defame, insult, or lie
  • must always be good mannered, patient, enthusiastic and confidently humble.
  • must endure and tolerate all hardships and control his anger and emotions.
  • must by example bring honor and respect to our Gongfu school, our Founder Zhen Shen-Lang, and the martial arts styles of Shaolin Chi Mantis.
  • must adhere to the protocol and rules of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

  • Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
    "Spirit Wolf of Truth"


    Shaolin Chi Mantis™ logo by Zhen Shen-Lang 1993 Homepage of Shaolin Chi Mantis™
    SHAOLIN CHI MANTIS Traditional Buddhist Gongfu

    Our student motto:
    Truth, wisdom, and courage.™

    Our school slogan:
    The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™


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