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Belt Test Approvals of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Each semester, each student of TCY and SCM will receive a new Belt Test Approval Form.

Each student must fill-in the appropriate requirements for their upcoming semester. Ask your Shifu for a Sample Belt Test Approval Form. Each SCM Shifu keeps a copy of each semester's Belt Test Requirements. Use this to fill in the blanks of your own Belt Test Approval Form.

Buddha Zhen created this Belt Test Approval Form in 1993 after a student failed their Belt Test. Buddha Zhen decided that by having each student test twice on each requirement, prior to their Belt Test, that less students would fail their Belt Test.

He was correct, less students failed their Belt Test.

To insure more fairness and opportunity for advancement, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang also enacted the SCM Retest Policy by which each student can receive one free retest within 30 days of not passing any Belt Test.

Since 1995, no student has failed a Belt Test.

Request Your Belt Test

Belt Tests must be schedule in advance.

Belt Tests will not be scheduled until every requirement has been approved on your Belt Test Approval Form. If you lose your Belt Test Approval Form, you will need to get a new blank one and start over.

Each Belt Test for all levels of Shaolin Chi Mantis requires a $20 Belt Test Fee. This covers the price of your Certificate and a new Sash with appropriate stripes on it. Since relocating to California, Buddha Zhen says this fee may have to be raised due to higher prices of obtaining sashes and having them embroidered.

Retests are not scheduled until after a student has failed a Belt Test. Even if the student only messed up on one item, the entire Belt Test must be performed per the Shifu's instructions on the day of the Belt Retest.

Where's My Belt Test Approval Form?

All students turn in their Belt Test Approval Form when they schedule their Belt Test. These forms are kept in your student file.

We used to bring a box to the Annual Membership Meeting containing all the student's files, so that each student could look in THEIR OWN FILE and see their progress. After teaching thousands of students, this became cumbersome.

If you would like to peruse your Student File, contact your Shifu or SCM Program Director. We encourage all students to take an interest in their progress and development.

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