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The following links will
within our Traditional Chinese Buddhist Gongfu school:

Welcome Links (This page.)
Home Current news about Shaolin Chi Mantis, Tai Chi Youth, and Buddha Zhen.
Abbot's Office Applications, enrollment forms, and registration procedures.
Buddhist Crossroads These links show our first student lessons regarding Buddhism basics.
8 Page Brochure 1.  About Shaolin Chi Mantis
2.  Classes: Tai Chi and Kung Fu
3.  Books and Student Manuals Required
4.  Meditation and Inspiration Products
5.  Seminars and Tournaments
6.  Kung Fu and Tai Chi Clothing
7.  T-Shirts and Workout Wear
8.  Chinese Kung Fu Weaponry
Temple Store
  discontinued 2005
Imported Chinese clothing, weapons, and Kung Fu accessories.
Tour #1 VISITOR TOUR: The Visitor Tour will lead you through some interesting resource pages to provide you with the goals and expectations of our traditional Buddhist Kung Fu school.
Tour #2 GUEST TOUR: The Guest Tour was aimed at providing other Kung Fu and Karate instructors with our basic school curriculums.
Tour #3 STUDENT TOUR: This will walk you through the enrollment forms and School Rules of Shaolin Chi Mantis.
Tour #4 DISCIPLE TOUR: Serious students can look deeper into the requirements of being a spiritual warrior with loyalty and courage.
Upcoming Events lists our Shaolin Chi Mantis events:

Shaolin Zen events


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