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Our founder, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang graduated the UCLA Motion Picture and Television Arts & Sciences in 1986 (as Richard O'Connor) and worked for years in Hollywood in various capacities making music videos, commercials, special effects, motion pictures and television movies.

In association with Tai Chi Youth, a nonprofit education organization, we are developing a large selection of audio products, instructional videos, and online Taiji and Gongfu classes.

We have received funding and praise from many organizations including The Governor of Utah, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah Arts Council, and the NEA National Endowment for the Arts. With our limited production facilities we have created several tapes, CDs and videos already. We look forward to creating many more products and obtaining more multimedia equipment to enable us to provide a myriad of entertaining and educational products. Tai Chi Youth is also utilizing its nonprofit status to acquire digital multimedia production equipment from donors such as U.S.West and AT&T.

Below are some of the products we currently can provide for retail sale:



Tai Chi Magic  by Buddha Zhen
CD or Song/Album Download
9 songs including "Tai Chi Magic," composed by Buddha Zhen for his students to perform the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form. Each 2 beats = inhale or exhale.

Other songs include "In The Pool of Enlightenment" which has served as background music for dozens of Tai Chi Youth Demo Team performances.




In Production
Tai Chi Meditation by Buddha Zhen
       CD or Song/Album Download
Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang guides you through the Shaolin Chi Mantis Relaxation Exercises. This is an advanced Zen meditation that leads you through your body and opens up communication between the limbs and mind.
The Shaolin Chi Mantis Relaxation Exercises are also valuable healing tools and enable students to pinpoint the causes of ailments and physical maladies.



Book Cover of Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual by Buddha Zhen
Book for making Buddhas
Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual by Buddha Zhen
Created in 2008 for the launch of Buddha Zhen's third Kung Fu franchise, Buddha Kung Fu, the BUDDHA KUNG FU STUDENT MANUAL was designed to inspire and teach Chinese morals and manners.

Essays include:

  • Loyalty
  • Dedication
  • Filial Piety

2nd half of book available for free download one semester after receiving book. Students are required to be passed off on all pages before advancing to next level.

Replaced by
Shaolin Gongfu INITIATE by Buddha Zhen
This is more than a list of physical requirements for the aspiring martial artist. The Shaolin Gongfu Initiate includes spiritual lessons and morality requirements.

Religious studies include an introduction to Islam, Daoism, Judaism, and Christianity. Shaolin Chi Mantis are taught to respect all religions by first understanding them better.


Sold Out
Next Edition due: _______
Shaolin Gongfu BEGINNER by Buddha Zhen
This book may be the most incredible book for reshaping students into successful content people. Through the questions and answers provided by students, the Shifu then discusses each question with the student providing an efficient Zen counseling.

With the Tai Chi Beginner book and Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual both being required reading before this book, it's a shame to see so many students not get to this book.

Sold Out
Next Edition due: 9-2009
Tai Chi Beginner by Buddha Zhen
Much more than a manual, 444 pictures detail the entire Shaolin Chi Mantis Yoga Stretch, basic kicking and punching, plus the entire Shaolin Chi Mantis Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form

Buddha Zhen has been teaching the Yang Style Taijiquan Short Form in 16 sections since 1992. The book is also divided into 16 sections with appropriate and corresponding spiritual information that relate to the moves of each particular movement of the Taiji Form.

This is probably the best book in the world for teaching Tai Chi concepts while being a student in a Tai Chi class.


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