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Songshan Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Chi Mantis™

Tai ChiYang Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Kung FuShaolin Gongfu (Kung Fu)

Qixie Tanglang7 Star Praying Mantis

Taiji TanglangTai Chi Praying Mantis


The curriculums include:

Our curriculums develop all students INTERNALLY:
     energy, health, and mental development.

Our curriculums also develop students EXTERNALLY:
     strength, stamina, and physical development.

Each of the Belt Rank Levels include a student manual and Certificate.

Shaolin Chi Mantis Belt Ranking

Initiate Level White Sash to: White Sash
Beginner Level White +1 Green Stripe to:  White Sash + 3 Green Stripes
Intermediate Level Blue Sash to: Blue Sash + 3 Green Stripes
Advanced Level Green Sash to: Green Sash + 3 Green Stripes
Disciple Level Brown Sash  (no Stripes added to Brown Sash)
Instructor Level Black Sash to: Black Sash + 7 Stripes

Our school slogan:"The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™"

Qi (Chi) is the energy flow throughout the body. Qi is the magnetic forces of the earth and its various types of matter. Qi is the solar radiation of planets and our sun. Qigong (Chi Kung) is the study and development of each student's awareness and well-being. Utilizing the external forces and developing internal energies, the Shaolin Chi Mantis student becomes a dynamic living force with powers and abilities beyond normal comprehension. Combining ancient wisdoms with modern science, Qigong is the mastering of all life forces.

Our goals at Shaolin Chi Mantis are to provide better balanced people to lead better balanced lives. Our traditional Chinese Gongfu Forms are the tools each student uses to master the concepts of life and spirituality. The Classical Chinese weapons are musical instruments that extend the mental and physical awareness of each student. Most of all we learn the joy of hard work and that life is fun for those who master it.

We hope you will enroll for whatever your personal ambitions are and graduate with the completion of your original objectives and many more goals that you were not even aware of.

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