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Buddha Kung Fu Clothing T-Shirts

Kung Fu Clothing at


Shaolin Chi Mantis requires that each student dress appropriately for class in either traditional Chinese clothing or modern workout wear. School t-shirts and some other silkscreened clothing may also be appropriate for class. Regular sweat pants and t-shirts without logos may also be allowed. In the rare event you are unable to get home for your clothes before class, we may only require that you turn your t-shirt inside-out so no logos are shown.






Most of our shirts for classes tournament and fun are at

for current prices and new designs.

White Turtleneck SCM Long-sleeve



Check out our newest Kung Fu designs at
Buddha Kung Fu WOMEN'S PUSH HANDS shirt.







Sashes are worn in all Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes.
Sashes are also required of all Buddha Kung Fu and Tai Chi Youth students, which are colored differently than the SCM sashes.
If you are just beginning, you need a WHITE SASH for either Buddha Kung Fu , Tai Chi Youth or Shaolin Chi Mantis classes.
For a detail of our Belt Ranking systems, please visit the following webpages:
Shaolin Chi Mantis Belt Ranking Approvals
Shaolin Chi Mantis Belt Test Approval Form
Shaolin Chi Mantis Belt Test Rules

Order your sash from Buddha Kung Fu.


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