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Shifu Zhen Shen-Lang 1997


Being A Disciple

Each path is unique, yet each direction has been traveled by many before you.

Choose wisely whose footsteps you follow.

Accept the good with the bad. Have faith in your path.

Be faithful to your path.

A Disciple emulates the best of his Teacher.

To be a Disciple is to be an Apprentice to a Master. This union between a Master who is internally compelled to teach, and an Apprentice who is internally compelled to learn = Discipleship.

Modern earth has evolved away from the apprenticeship practices. People are satisfied to be a cog in a clock, as long as they get paid.

An apprenticeship is more than a "day job." It is a "life job." Actually, a job is something you would only do if you got paid for it. A "CAREER" is a job that you are anxious to work at all day long, whether you are getting paid for your time or not.

Apprenticeships developed in ancient times when an apprentice would devote his life to his Master. House chores were probably included as a way to "pay for" the knowledge being learned. A career is a valuable knowledge.

In the Shaolin Monastery, each student was a Disciple of the first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. However, it takes more than books to link a Disciple to a Master. So, in more realistic terms, a young Monk would be the Disciple of his seniors. The seniors were Disciples of the current living Patriarch. The Patriarch was the Disciple of Buddha, following his teachings, following his path, and carrying the same responsibilities for humanity.

Whew! A Disciple is part of a chain. A Disciple is part of a family of Masters.

So, what family of Masters are you a member of?

Will your Master train you to be? Another cog, or the watchmaker?

       The Disciple Pages   by Buddha Zhen


1.LOYAL to goals, friendly
2. STRONG physically, mentally, emotionally, business, friendship
3. HONORABLE friend, business, society


1. GENEROUS to all
2. KIND to all
3. MORAL represent faithfulness, high ideals
4. PERCEPTIVE understand people, problems, artistic
5. SENSUAL in life, with mate, with self


1. PASSIONATE with mate, in goals, compassionate
2. TALENTED music, film, writing, loving
3. OPTIMISTIC always
4. HUMBLE / PROUD balanced pride
5. INTELLECTUAL of course

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December 12, 1999

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