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Three Kinds Of Disciples

Over the past 30 years I have read many accounts and descriptions of Disciples.

One Japanese Zen Master, Gettan, described the Three Disciples as:

  1. Disciples who distribute Zen wisdom to others
  2. Disciples who clean the Temple
  3. Disciples that wear Monk clothing

Another Zen Master, Gasan, had a Zen Master who used to beat his Disciples with a staff. This caused most students to quit, early in their training. Gasan persevered with the explanation that

  1. Good Disciples improve under the Master's discipline   (obedient)
  2. Mediocre Disciples admire the kindness and compassion of the Master   (wanting)
  3. Weak Disciples require their motivation to come from the Master   (willing)

I have found this to be true. My BEST DISCIPLES were like Marines who practiced as hard as I demanded and worked hard to learn every lesson I taught them, no matter how difficult or painful it was for them. They didn't give me the excuses, "I was too busy," or "I didn't have time," even though they were probably twice as busy as the people who use those excuses. These Disciples lasted the longest and went the farthest. These students practiced for hours each week outside of class and were able to always advance one level every semester. The Best Disciples LOOKED FORWARD to the next challenge and hungered for the next lesson I would provide.

Most of the compliments I received were from the MEDIOCRE DISCIPLES who were overwhelmed with my compassion and humanism. This admiration was not enough to create perseverance and loyalty though when they realized that my generosity did not include undeserved belt advancements. They were willing to pay for something, but not always dedicated to earning something. The Mediocre Disciples APPRECIATED the wisdoms I bestowed but did not discover many on their own.

The WEAK DISCIPLES, (sometimes bodybuilders and ex-marines), required me to 'make them' exercise. They did well in class but lacked the self-motivation to practice enough on their own. They usually complain about not being able to remember anything and need a video or a book...Some of these students lasted for several years but did not advance very far due to their lack of effort outside of the school. The Weak Disciples WANTED something but always COMPLAINED about how hard it was going to be to do it...

SO, what are YOU?

Each of us is a Disciple of Someone. If you aren't then you aren't progressing in life or learning or spiritual growth.

If you are a parent, then your children are YOUR DISCIPLES. You have to be a GOOD DISCIPLE before you can be a GOOD TEACHER.

Are You a:

  1. BEST DISCIPLE who looks forward to your next challenge and project?
  2. MEDIOCRE DISCIPLE who appreciates wisdom, but does not work hard to find it?
  3. WEAK DISCIPLE who wants what they pay for and complains about hard work?

Most of today's worldly problems are the result of Weak Disciples becoming Weak Leaders.

Realizing the needs and benefits of loyalty and perseverance, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang created the DISCIPLE PAGES to inspire those students who are already inspired.

"It's been my greatest challenge to teach people to be self-motivated. Perhaps I've been more successful than I realize. Mostly, I've noticed that those students who already had some self-motivation could be enhanced into amazing people. Those people who were unmotivated and lazy, well," sighs Buddha Zhen, "I hope I changed their life a little, because it saddens me to see people make unnecessary mistakes and waste their lives."

Buddha Zhen says the following web pages will take many years to finalize as he evaluates the effects and benefits of how students evolve after studying the following web pages.


1.LOYAL to goals, friendly
2. STRONG physically, mentally, emotionally, business, friendship
3. HONORABLE friend, business, society


1. GENEROUS to all
2. KIND to all
3. MORAL represent faithfulness, high ideals
4. PERCEPTIVE understand people, problems, artistic
5. SENSUAL in life, with mate, with self


1. PASSIONATE with mate, in goals, compassionate
2. TALENTED music, film, writing, loving
3. OPTIMISTIC always
4. HUMBLE / PROUD balanced pride
5. INTELLECTUAL of course


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Our school slogan:
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