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Links to Other Interesting Gongfu and Buddhism Websites

Chinese Astrology Online

Contains very useful information about the Chinese Zodiac, and Chinese New Year.

There is a form for submitting your birthdate and getting a personalized Chinese astrology.

Jing Mo Kung Fu Association of San Francisco

Grandmaster Wong Jack Man's students have started up their own schools in the San Francisco area.

There are some cool pictures of the original Jing Mo Kung Fu school in China.

Shaolin Communications

Parent company and marketing for Shaolin Chi Mantis.

Book publishing and parent website.

Shaolin Zen Magazine

Buddhist magazine published by Shaolin  Communications.

Contains sections for Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth.

Tai Mantis Kung Fu School

San Bernardino Kung Fu school owned and operated by Buddha Zhen's School Brother from the Tai Mantis school of Kam Yuen in Torrance, California.

Tai Chi Youth
 Nonprofit  Organization


Founded 1996 by Buddha Zhen for youths at risk.

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