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SCM PLUS Tai Chi Youth
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Demo Team Performs at Meeting
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Location of Annual Membership Meet
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Shaolin Chi Mantis PLUS Tai Chi Youth

Each year, our SCM Annual Membership has also been the TCY Annual Membership Meeting.

The TCY Operation Procedures were designed to encourage students from around the world to attend either their own Annual Membership Meeting per city, state, or country. These corporate guidelines also encourage each school to send at least one delegate to our MAIN Annual Membership Meeting so that the Board of Trustees could hear the successes and needs of each school location per the membership.

Each Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth school is required to send an Abbot or Trustee to also be updated all management of new policies, programs, and events planned for the upcoming year.

Demo Team Performs at Meeting

During the 1990s Shaolin Chi Mantis was expected to perform at many Chinese New Year events for local Chinese associations and government banquets.

The Annual Membership Meetings were the last chance for our SCM and TCY performance teams to practice their shows, with an audience, before our public performances.

This year's TCY Performance Team Captain is: _______________________

This year's SCM Demo Team Captain is: ____________________________

All performers should stay in touch with their Team Captains for updates, uniforms, and expense reimbursements.

Location of Annual Membership Meet

This year's SCM & TCY Annual Membership Meeting will be held at:


Schedule of events:

4:00 SCM Board of Directors Meeting    
4:30 TCY Board of Directors Meeting    
5:00 Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Initiation Ceremony
Graduations of SCM Students
5:15 Graduations of TCY Students    
5:30 Special Award Presentations    
5:45 Announcements from the SCM Board of Directors
Announcements from the TCY Board of Trustees
6:00 Announcement from the TCY Patriarch
Announcement from the SCM Patriarch
6:15 Dinner    
7:00 TCY Performance Team    
7:15 SCM Demo Team    
7:30 Videos of past year's events    
8:00 End of Annual Membership Meeting    

Most years, students would organize video viewings at their homes when we were required to leave our dinner location.

These 'get-togethers' won't be listed here unless your location can accommodate a large number of students.

Congratulations for whatever you accomplished this year. We look forward to your advancements and improvements during the upcoming year.

Have fun!

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