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 The Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculums are composed of three separate Gongfu systems combined together:
  • Northern Shaolin Gongfu (from the Songshan Buddhist Temple)
  • Yang Style Taijiquan
  • Northern Praying Mantis (both Taiji Tanglang "Tai Chi Praying Mantis" & Qixie Tanglang "7 Star Praying Mantis")

Chinese Yoga of Buddha ZhenThe Shaolin Chinese Yoga™ curriculum was the only stretching routine taught at the beginning of classes taught by Buddha Zhen from 1984 to 1994. Due to the wet or snowy grass of Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, the SCM Standing Yoga™ was created so only the shoes touched the ground.

In 2016, Buddha Zhen decided to launch the "Chinese Yoga™" classes of North Hollywood Park. This was the first time that the yoga routine was ever offered without the Tai Chi or Shaolin Kung Fu lessons. To ensure that Chinese Yoga™ students attain the health benefits that his classes are famous for, Buddha Zhen added a Qigong standing breathing exercise to the end of the class, and 25 Jumping Jacks at the beginning of class.

The Chinese Yoga™ curriculum is taught in three 4-month semesters, as it is taught in the Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. These THREE LEVELS of Chinese Yoga™ will add new techniques and expectations to each LEVEL. Students must complete the prior level to join the subsequent LEVEL in the next semester.

The "Chinese Yoga™ Master" teacher program requires the completion of one entire year of Chinese Yoga™ and its three LEVELS being mastered before the one-year teacher program begins. It takes a minimum of 2-years to become a certified Chinese Yoga™ Master.

Tai Chi Youth has licensed this program and will promote Chinese Yoga™ in 2016 and 2017 to gain more students and sign up some of these students for TCY Tai Chi classes.

Tai Chi Youth "CHINESE YOGA™" webpage >>>


Chinese Yoga of Buddha ZhenThe Shaolin Gongfu Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced curriculums of Shaolin Chi Mantis utilize the Shaolin Chinese Yoga™ curriculum and the Shaolin Chi Mantis Standing Yoga™ curriculums at the beginning of all classes. All THREE LEVELS of the Shaolin Chinese Yoga™ curriculum are completed in the Shaolin Gongfu Beginner program. Advanced and external healing qigong is added to the yoga meditation section after the Shaolin Gongfu Beginner Level.

As a stand-alone program, the Chinese Yoga™ program offers a "Chinese Yoga™ Master" certificate after completing one year as a student to complete all three LEVELS of the Chinese Yoga™ curriculum, plus an additional year of being an assistant instructor and receiving the additional classes required of all three levels. It takes a minimum of two years to become a certified Chinese Yoga™ Master.

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EXERCISES: Shaolin Chinese Yoga™



4 Winds of Shaolin
8 Brocade (Silk Weaver's 8 Brocade)
Temple Exercises of Shaolin Chi Mantis

BOOKWORK: Recommended Reading:
     Tai Chi Beginner by Buddha Zhen
     Tao of Taoism by Buddha Zhen


ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR: Chinese Yoga™ Teacher Program is one-year as Assistant Instructor for ALL three LEVELS of Chinese Yoga™.

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Our student motto:
Truth, wisdom, and courage.™

Our school slogan:
The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™



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